Drawing Room Flooring

Flooring of a building is very important now these days.  There was a time when people used cow dung to make floors.    The situation changed over the years with the arrival of latest flooring material.  It was a gradual change from raw flowing to cement flooring, then to mosaics, and to tiles, from tiles to […]

Designer Furniture For Home and Offices

Whether it is office or home, it will be complete only with sufficient furniture.  You have a big office or a big house and it is empty, we cannot say that it is a house or office.  On the other hand, the concept of office and home depends on the kind of furniture placed in […]

Contemporary Living Room Furnishings Ideas

Your living room is more than just a room, which is not only used by the members of your family but, it is a place where we revive our social contacts and, where a family sit together and share their talks after their hectic busy day. Understanding the significance of the living room, today people […]

Sanitary Products and Ideas for Bathroom Designing

Wonder what is the best way you can modernize your bathroom in a much fascinated way? There are plenty of ways through which you can redesign your bathroom and for some really captivating ideas, you need to consider certain facts, including what important bathroom sanitary products you would need to shop for to bring that […]

Interior Exterior Wall Paint Ideas

The ultimate finishing to your dream house is given by the right selection and application of a good paint color. It is not easy to find out the right combination of paints depends on the various factors. Making a house is not so hard comparing to selecting the right paint combination but only one difference […]

Modern Office Equipments

I remember the days when we used to depend on a typewriter, a simple fax machine and standard landline telephone adorned our office a couple of decades ago.  And if we want to take more prints, a cyclostyle machine.  Things changed very fast since then and the days of black and white computer gave way […]

Modern Living Room Lighting Ideas

The living room looks more and feels too bland without proper designing. In today’s scenario, different people have different requirements and, this influences their ideas on how their living room should be. Majorly, it is not possible to accommodate which you desire but, with the advent of modern living room lighting designs, you can get […]

Modern Bathroom Lighting

Undoubtedly, bathroom is one of the essential parts of the house. However; we have a habit to overlook what is the most important thing in the bathroom and i.e. lighting. Think about the several activities that done in the bathroom, you will realize why it is important to have appropriate modern bathroom lighting. Bathrooms have […]

Modern Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Attractive, water resistant, and safe to walk are the traits of good bathroom flooring. Now available in wide range of design, colour, pattern, texture these flooring adds a décor to the bathroom and also making it look complete. With modern bathroom flooring, you can invent your own design which looks amazing and, that too without […]

Modern Bathroom Fittings

Your bathroom requires an upgrading? Over the time, the bathroom takes the beating. The bathtub discoloring, shower stains, and chipping of countertops since, these things have lost their lust does not mean that it necessarily needs to be get re-modeled every time. However; a new countertop and sink can provide a refreshing look. Bathroom repairs […]