Office Reception Design Ideas

The reception of your office ought to be the most critical area that makes the first and last impression of your business before your clientele, visitors and vendors. Therefore, it should be carefully designed to look not only professional, but stylish and functional too. Some of the different design elements that add value to your company include color, layout, materials and branding. You need to make sure that your office reception area is able to convey the right message, by thoroughly planning each detail of the important aspects of your office.

To start with, you must have material samples like paint, fabric, wallpaper, blinds, wood veneer and flooring, measuring tape, blueprint of office reception area, and furniture catalogs. Designing an office reception would need you to first estimate the overall appearance and feel that you want to offer in the reception space. Most ideally, it must have the style that caters to the clients’ requirements who most often are expected to come to this space, and that it should simultaneously represent the look of your company, while whether being sleek, cozy or creative. The next step is to choose your color scheme. Earthy shades and light tones are quite versatile and go well with a number of furnishing varieties. They also come across as a great option for wall coverings, window treatments and carpeting. Besides, you can also look for materials like glass, acrylic, chrome and tile to give the area a modernized look. You need to evaluate if your current lighting fixtures have to be upgraded for better effects or not.

Your reception desk should be made to look like the centerpiece of the lobby, whether it comes to the style, size or shape which will further decide your other decorations alongside. Not only should your design be eye-catching, but also original to make a unique statement. The desk should be organized facing towards the office entry, creating a friendly, immediate greeting atmosphere. Make sure all the materials for primary furnishings you choose at a single point of time to attain a cohesive appearance. Your reception furniture should feature a blend of factors of comfort, visual appeal and durability. They should be covered with fabric both stain- and wear-resistant, in case you do not wish to or cannot afford leather fabric. Do not opt for steel but only wooden laminate for a warmer appeal, for if you wish to have a filing bookcase or sideboard (credenza) within your office reception as well.

For impressive finishing touch, place your company logo on the door at the front of the reception desk, or even on the wall behind the desk. Keep elegant art displays on the wall. Decorative plants can be kept for a fresh, rejuvenating atmosphere!

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