Modern Office Equipments

I remember the days when we used to depend on a typewriter, a simple fax machine and standard landline telephone adorned our office a couple of decades ago.  And if we want to take more prints, a cyclostyle machine.  Things changed very fast since then and the days of black and white computer gave way for color screens and dot matrix printers to laser jet printers.    It was an amazing change over from old to new equipment in the offices.

The present day world is a very competent world and on the modernization many companies closed out or changed their strategy and production line to something else.  For example, floppy discs were in great demand a decade ago or we can say five years ago.  We used floppy disks for back-ups and stored them in plenty. It was a steady march from the IBM floppy disk of 8 inch size to ¼ inch and 3 ½ inch floppy disk to the present pen-drives or usb drivers.  Also, the computer witnessed a great deal of change from PC-XT generation to Pentiums and at present reached to notebooks and tablets.  Nobody can forget the old dot matrix printers with such a sound and vigor it used to work and paved way for the LaserJet printers with 10 or more papers printing in a second.

The photocopier machine also witnessed a great change.  Now we can see a photocopy machine, which can print, photocopy, fax and many more functions.  Technology componies competing each other to bring out the best and smallest item and the days are not very far when all the activities of a latest office will come out from a tiny equipment.  Multinational companies like HP, Brother, Sony, etc. racing neck to neck for their share in the market thereby customers getting good products.

Latest equipment such as Overhead projectors, Scanners, LaserJet printers, Color Laserjet printers, Photocopiers which can take copy of all the pages both sides, sort and bind and many other small and big equipments, cheaper and costly available in the market.   A good office is to be equipped with such latest technologies to compete with their competitors in the market.  Your staff need all those gadgets which can function from anywhere.

Also, engineering companies have great demand of plotter machines which can print large size drawings and many other data sheets.

With the arrival of such high quality equipments, standard of human life improved with very little help or even no help at all required from human beings to get the work done.

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