Modern living room vastu tips

Vastu like we all know is an ancient science which works on Panchbhootas principles. It attempts to achieve collaboration across the five elements fire, earth, water, air and space in such a way that it becomes favourable to its occupants.

Each individual has her/his own ideas to design the living room with modern innovative ideas. Modern living room Vastu tips will help eradicate the bad energy and harmonized a happy life ahead. Some of the Vastu tips for the modern living room are shared below:

•    According to the Vastu, the living room should be in north or east direction. However; there is no common possibilities to find a house with perfect directions but, it is recommendable to have it in northern direction.

•    Heavy materials or furniture should be kept in the south or west direction. Ensure that the living room is clutter free. The more space your living room has the more positive energy flows through.

•    Along with the touch of modernization, the interiors of the living room should be subtle. Not so much of heavy furniture and fixtures to be stuffed in. Choose vibrant or light colour shades for wall avoid dark colours. Curtains, rugs, lamps, etc. ensure that they are in line with other things in the room.

•    The pictures of happy moments, scenery, waterfall and God hung in the north-east direction/corner helps in attracting the positive energy.

•    Since; you are designing your living room with modern touch and with a combination of Vastu, it becomes essential to see where the metal items should be placed such as coolers, television, air-conditioners etc. They should be positioned in the south-east direction.

•    When it comes to lighting part, ensure that the whole room as similar kind of lighting though using at different areas. The colours of lighting should remain same which ensures a parallel look. You can use wall scones, lamps, chandeliers, portable lamps, floor lighting etc. to get a contemporary look. Avoid using dim lighting and, too much of colourful lighting.

•    Get some plants positioned within your living room. Today, there are so many flowering shrubs available that enhance the living room beauty.

The modern living room Vastu tips are endless but, with the above basic tips, one can be rest assure about it working tactics. No matter how ancient this scientific design is, it is still up and running significantly today. It is becoming more adaptable since; the combination with today’ contemporary interior designs are what people are attracted.

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