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Feng Shui is a practical art that is carried out since many generations and, seems that today’s urban crowd is fascinated of this scientific art. No matter how small your home is, there are several convenient ways to improve the Feng Shui of the place, and that to without spending a lot of money.  Speaking on how to decorate the house with Feng Shui ideas, let’s get started with the living room.

The living room or drawing room is the kernel of the house. A place where numerous day-to-day activities are taking place such as watching television, reading, kids playing around, occasionally you are entertaining your guests etc. Since; we want to promote this place with more positive energy; Feng Shui plays a major role in helping the same. From wall colours to pictures and from drawing room furniture to its organizing, living room Feng Shui ideas is certain to help boost the positive energy. Here, are some ideas, that you can create the Feng Shui harmonized living room.

  • The foremost thing you should understand is cleanliness, if the furniture is suffocative; the Feng Shui energy is bound to get suppressed. The more space your living room has, the more it becomes feasible for a positive energy to flow.
  • Your living room furniture should be comfortable. Along with the features of modernization, it should be practical and providing comfort.
  • The furniture of your living room should in proportion to the space and, in theme.
  • The sofa seats should be of circular or octagonal in shape. The sofa backs and chair should not be facing towards the doorway.
  • The centre space is not ideal for the television rather than a fire place should be the centre element of the living space.
  • Colour your living room wall with lighter and brighter shades. If you are unable to change the wall colour, the least you can do is change the pictures. According to living room Feng Shui ideas, landscaping, scenery, waterfalls, a scene of a party where people are merrily enjoying the occasion can be hung.
  • Mirrors on the other hand are wonderful tool to enhance Feng Shui in the living room. They make room bigger. The position of the mirror is where it can reflect the beautiful view along with keeping the theme in line.
  • Green live plants are known to be better for the energy flow. It helps balance the Yang and Yin energy.

If you want to go in-depth and, design it your living room Feng Shui ideas, obtaining the “Bagua” an energy map of Feng Shui that, helps synchronize the things accordingly. Use the map to decorate the living area.

Living room Feng Shui

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