Kitchen Feng Shui Design Tips

When you are seriously giving thought about having a home in terms of using principles of Feng Shui, the kitchen is one of the most significant areas to consider. According to Feng Shui this key room represents prosperity and nourishment. Since; Feng Shui is believed to be influencing conditions, how you decorate and design your kitchen reflects your health and prosperity.


Before getting started with Feng Shui advice, the foremost thing to remember is that, it is a complex practice with many diversifications. The advice and guidelines may vary depending upon the person’s living style and its home. Despite the fact that there are varied fundamentals, views there are basic Feng Shui ideologies that apply.


The décor of your kitchen is a showcase of your personal taste and lifestyle. Each step in building and designing a kitchen are usually expected to capture the pride and success of your stature. Thus, it is important to understand the impact, the direction of your kitchen and overall effect on the house. Here, are simple steps in getting inviting and balancing Kitchen Feng Shui desing tips.


According to Feng Shui, the kitchen should never be in a north-west direction, a foremost rule to remember. The north-west direction is ruled by metal and having a kitchen which represents fire means, you are deliberately destroying your luck.


Starting with the wall then, remove all the paintings and hangings for the time being. A clean slate is a terrific way to begin the designing thing. Consider hanging inspiring artwork of delicious food or a party involving people joining together for celebration or a natural landscaping can also do. It one of the get set started signs of a kitchen Feng Shui design tips.


The kitchen space should be spacious, and airy. Clean anything that needs cleaning, remove unnecessary accessories to create more space. We want it to become bright and welcoming rather than squeezy and depressing.


Just because that modern kitchenette device has just hit the market so you want it in your kitchen could hamper the kitchen space in a negative way.  Leave that overloading of gadgets feeling out.


The location of key equipment items i.e. stove, sink and refrigerator should not be conflicting with each other. They should not be in a direct line.


Place some fresh flowers, it offers uplifting energy to your kitchen.


A balanced kitchen Feng Shui design tips is about having elements, shapes, objects and colours well-distributed along with human comforts.

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