Kids Wall Painting

Kids are living in the world of colors and different colors attract them to it.  While selecting  a room for them, it should be big enough to accommodate their various things.   Paintings, lights, toys, kid furniture, etc. need to be provided in the kid room.

While selecting painting for a kid room, it should be matching with various elements in the room.  A dull looking room interior can turn off the mood of the kid.   Bright colors and fresh looking wall paintings can make the kid more active and energetic.   Totally, it should be a place where positive energy is developed or positive and vibrant atmosphere is prepared.

Most of the kids are addicted to the cartoon characters they watch in the television programs.  It will be certainly a good idea to keep the different cartoon characters’ paintings on the wall.   Also, trees, flowers, waterfalls, vehicle pictures, animal pictures, fruit pictures, etc can be very useful in a kid room.  Most of the kids like the same things unlike an adult.

As we know colors can change the mood of the people.  It is applicable to all living things.  A red color can definitely change the mood of the person to a violent or angry mood.  That is what we watch in the bull-fights.  The bulls are very angry to the red towel waved in front of them.  It is one of the minor examples of color and mood creation.  Black color can make the people gloomy, but white can give a pleasant and clear mind.  Green color, as all know, indicate the greenery, prosperity, environmental friendly.  Orange and blue colors are considered as funny colors.  Paintings of springs, especially in the middle of forests or hills with playing ducks and other birds, fish and swimming animal, etc. can be beautiful.  Also, as always, flowers have its own space everywhere.  Children can be easily attracted to flowers.  Another important wall painting can be of giraffe, horse, elephants, lion cubs, kittens, cattle, deer, peacocks, etc. can be very much interesting to kids.   Selection of paints or paintings can be according to sex of kid.  They may vary.

While selecting the wall paints or paintings for the child room, we should be extra careful.  Presently, everything made with commercial purposes.   Paints are made with chemicals and extra led to give extra finishing and glow.   It can generate health issues.   If paintings can be washable, it will be well and good because after some days, it can catch dust and fungus.  While children touch or handle it, diseases can be transmitted to them or allergic reactions can happen.

Also one of the easy thing that we can do to have an ever – changing room interior is to change the wall paintings or paints occasionally.

Kids Wall Painting

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