Feng Shui Tips For Home Designing

Feng shui is not  common for many people in the world even in many developed countries or big cities.  Depends on the country and region, there are some beliefs which are upto a great extent based on some beliefs passed on to generations.  It may be good or bad, right or wrong, senseless or intelligent.

Feng Shui is in fact the other side of Indian Vastu Shastra followed in China and other Far East countries.  It has spread its wings even into India now and many people follow it blindly.  It is Chinese philosophy on which people believe that the luck and prosperity of people are based on the characteristics and physical features of their house.  On the other hand it is a belief that positive energy will flow through the house while all the arrangements are done according to Feng Shui.

It is necessary to know the basics about the Feng Shui Areas and what is the meaning of each one them.  The whole idea behind it is that you have to arrange your office or home accordingly so that luck and fortune can come in your way.

It can give you benefits when you have your house plan briefly made from a architect or even yourself can do it and find out the North points of your home or office.  You have clearly mention all the rooms, windows and doors.  This information will give you a good starting to point to utilizing the tips mentioned in the Feng Shui.   It is believed that there are locations in the home which focus on your health, family and financial matters.

There are certain considerations like in Vastu Shastra that the doors of the house should not be in a line so that making sure the positive energy is not escaped without any hindrances.    If the doors are in the same line it will not benefit the dwellers of the house.  Feng Shui recommend corrective measure for such mistake like creating an obstacle in the same line doors by placing a flower pot or indoor plant.

Also, you have to ensure that lot of lights in your house creating that good energy which is essential to keep you energetic.  Some greenery inside the house will add to that charged up energy level.   Also, placing a water fountain in the right place can ensure that you have your dreams come true.

There is an element of color in the Feng Shui also.  As we know, red color can change the mood of the people or animals.  While using red colour, you should be careful.

There are many other indicators with regard to your bedroom, dining room, Relationships, etc.

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