Feng Shui Ideas For Bedroom Designs

Feng Shui Ideas For Bedroom Designs simply make great designs

Is your bedroom a peaceful heaven, you retreat for rest of the romance and emerge fresh feeling rejuvenated and renewed? If not, the time has come where Feng Shui may be the thing you might need for your bedroom. The goal is to enhance the flow of the positive energy and to create a harmonious environment that supports good health and beckons happiness.

Looking for the Feng Shui ideas for bedroom designs? Keep these quick tips of Feng Shui ideas in mind which help maintains the balance in the space ensuring a good night sleep and, helps in sustaining positive relationship with your better half. Having Feng Shui In the bedroom, it helps you to organize, in sync with your partner. Whether you purchase Feng Shui principles or not, but, Feng Shui ideas for bedroom designs simply make good designs.

Decorate the bedroom in peaceful colors: Your bedroom should be the place of relaxation. The Feng Shui recommended colors like green and blue. Add earth tones or darker shades for contrasting which gives an autumn feeling. Looking to the wall colors, it should be like giving the feel of balancing.

Doubling of things: You can create the sense of balance and, equality in your relationship with your partner by matching or, placing things like night-lamps on the each side of the bed. Items in twos are good Feng Shui but, remember not to overdo it.

Bed placement arrangement: While concentrating on various Feng Shui ideas for bedroom designs, take a few minutes to make sure your bed is placed in the correct direction. It should not be standing in the center of the room; it creates instability between the couples. Also ensure that, the bed is one huge one accommodating rather than two beds adjoining each other. Avoid sleeping on water beds or round shaped beds. The best beds according to Feng Shui are strong and stable ones.

Using Feng Shui mirror for good communication and fortune: It is believed that a mirror near the foot-bed can multiply the happiness and fortune and also helps improves the communication in the relationship. According to Feng Shui mirrors are “Yang” active energizers.

Inviting living “Chi” into the bedroom: Bring in some small indoor plants and place it in your bedroom. They brighten up the space and invite healthy Chi into your bedroom. Also, consider floral arrangements with greenery to it.

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