Feng Shui Ideas For Bathroom Interior

While talking about Feng Shui, it is an ancient philosophical approach on building construction and positioning of various elements in the house or a place.  It was only heard in many parts of the world some years ago and after the news of China becoming a major power, people from all parts of world showed especial interests in the Chinese cultural studies.

Like Indian Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui is also based its foundation in the directions and subsequent energy requirement of all living beings.   If the house or the building is constructed and its various elements such as rooms, doors or windows placed according to the Feng Shui, it is believed that it can pass positive energy to the human beings.

Like any other building or home, Feng Shui offers lot of tips for the well being of the occupants in an office.  Office is the place from where you generate your income.  There are some limitations when you are in a work place for the application of  Feng shui.  If it is your own independent company, it is easy to adopt many tips, but if you are employed or space constraints, it can be tried in different ways. Office Feng  Shui is little bit different from other and it is important to know about the pakua (bagua).  It is an octagonal grid divided into some 9 sections.   All these nine sections represent nine things, namely;

1)      Relationships area (personal as well as business)

2)      Wealth area or economic conditions

3)      Fame  are– relates to your position in the world

4)      Elders  are – either it is an old family member or a mentor

5)      Creativity are – source of inspiration

6)      Contemplation are – it is related to meditation either spirituality or relaxation

7)      Journey  are – path of your life

8)      Friends area – it is about your relationship to others and mentors

9)      Unity area – it is the centre of the room

Often it is represented in rectangle shape and while cutting the rectangle, we can see the underlying octagonal shape.

When the pakua pattern is placed on a floor plan, it will pinpoint the specific areas that may influence the above nine areas.  Symbolic items can be kept all those areas to enhance those areas in your life pattern.

There are two thoughts on this – one is talking about Chinese compass and its orientation towards south (fame), it is aligned towards the south wall of the building.  The second approach in Feng shui aligns the lower aspect of the Pakua, with the wall containing the front door.  This can be totally against the first system.

Also you should look for a neighbourhood which is prosperous and which can add value to your life. Entrance of the office should be well decorated and in the sense it should be an inviting one.

Feng Shui For Bathroom Interior

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Best Feng Shui For Bathroom Interior

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