Drawing room lighting

Drawing rooms takes on number of varied roles for which designing or remodelling task becomes a bit of a challenge. For some it is no more than a formal room for entertaining guests while for others it is a casual space used for reading or watching television. A typical drawing room scenario has ample of seating, book shelf, coffee tables, and other furniture, despite their functionality they are not in line with the theme.

Make your drawing room in sync by organizing in some theme. No matter how expensive pieces of furniture you have in your drawing room, if they are not correctly placed, the place looks cluttered. Apart from furniture arranging, there are many other things we tend to overlook such as flooring, wall colours, lighting etc. It is as important to have suitable lighting in your drawing as much other d├ęcor things. It not only make look the place great but, also accommodates all the occasions that takes place. You want to remodel your drawing room, especially drawing room lighting but, you are confused. From where to start is a common question that you or, many people face. Well, there are basic factors and guidelines that can help to determine what kind of drawing room lighting will be perfect.

Combine task light and ambient: There are 2 types of lighting which are in trend these days. They are task lights and ambient lights. The set-up will look at its best when they are combining used. If you are using your drawing room for multipurpose, these combo gives the best results.

Portable lamps: It is more of an accent lighting, and majorly used for serving limited purpose such as desk work, reading or, to just compliment the area. It gives you the flexibility to move the light plus they are available in various designs and illuminating shades.

Using natural source: Getting light from the natural source could be the best thing. If you are lucky enough to have large windows or gallery adjoining to your drawing room, it is suggested to make an optimum use during the day time.

Lighting favourite items: Light those favourite items like paintings, sculptures or antique collection to show off. This way it will illuminate the drawing room as well serve the purpose.

Fireplaces: Fireplaces made of stone or bricks can be emphasized with recessed down-lights installed over to the mantle or in the ceilings to create a grazing enthralling effect. You can install wall-scones on either sides of fireplace to get an attractive addition along with providing great drawing room lighting.

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