Drawing Room Flooring

Flooring of a building is very important now these days.  There was a time when people used cow dung to make floors.    The situation changed over the years with the arrival of latest flooring material.  It was a gradual change from raw flowing to cement flooring, then to mosaics, and to tiles, from tiles to marbles and now the vitrified flooring tiles and wooden floorings .

All those material have got their own advantage and cost implications.   If you are planning to cover the floor with a carpet mat, a normal cement floor is enough because it is not exposed to the public and nobody going to know what is under the carpet.   Secondly, the tiles flooring – it has advantages and disadvantages.  It can be slippery and will be difficult to get extra if the existing one is damaged and the advantage is that it can be cleaned quickly without much trouble.    Another flooring material is mosaic chips – it was the main attraction once upon a time and later people tried other things such as marbles and vitrified tiles.   Marbles are available in hundreds of varieties and it is difficult to get good quality.  If you want to import, it will be very costly compared to the local material.  Vitrified tiles are also very slippery and where there are elderly and young children, it can create a lot of accidents.  The main attraction of such flooring is that it can give glazing, easy cleaning, reflecting and easily made.  The main advantages are slippery surface and difficult to find the same material if it is damaged.

The latest solution for your drawing room is wooden color tiles and original wood flooring.   It is very beautiful and lasting.   It can give your drawing room a very good look.  There are many material used in wooden flooring such as Anderson Hardwood floors, Armstrong Hardwood floors, Mannington hardwood, Shaw Hardwood flooring, Also Armstrong Vinyl flooring and Domco Vinyl flooring are the best in Vinyl flooring solutions.

While deciding a flooring for your drawing room, you should consider the requirement and nature of land.  There are places where lot of raining happening. Such places are very bad for all these kind of flooring.  Marbles and tiles can be extremely slippery in wet climatic conditions and wood can be damaged due to wetness. Shaw Rugs are best in wet conditions.   There are laminate flooring solutions widely used now such as Shaw laminate flooring which is available in plenty of designs and Hercules Uniclic Laminate flooring.  While selecting Ceramic flooring – we have a wide choice from Shaw Ceramic Tile, florida tiles, Emser, Daltile, etc., which are also available in plenty of designs.  Shaw rugs and Kathy Ireland Rugs are famous in this class of flooring.

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