Romantic Bedroom Furnishings Ideas

Lie back, relax and let your feelings turn to romance in your bedroom- is what every woman desire is a stunning looking romantic bedroom. It does not matter if the romantic bedroom you are planning to design is just for you and your partner. What else the bedroom could be if not romantic? You do […]

Office Workstation Interior Design

There are many  office workstation designs available out there for varied job activities assigned to varied people. People are assigned particular configurations for which they seek specific interiors, such as administration individuals need more space for storing their files, as compared to people from other departments. While you consider the redesigning of your office workstation, […]

Office Reception Design Ideas

The reception of your office ought to be the most critical area that makes the first and last impression of your business before your clientele, visitors and vendors. Therefore, it should be carefully designed to look not only professional, but stylish and functional too. Some of the different design elements that add value to your […]

Modern living room vastu tips

Vastu like we all know is an ancient science which works on Panchbhootas principles. It attempts to achieve collaboration across the five elements fire, earth, water, air and space in such a way that it becomes favourable to its occupants. Each individual has her/his own ideas to design the living room with modern innovative ideas. […]

Modern Drawing Room Furniture

Drawing room is one of the important place in the house and once you enter there, you can assess the other rooms and behaviour of the inhabitants.There are many things to be considered before deciding the furniture for this important place.  This is the place where whole family get together or spent most of their […]

Modern bedroom wardrobes

The bedroom is incomplete without comfortable and splendid furniture. A modern bedroom furnishing makes the bedroom look exquisite and elegant, yet warm and cosy. The fixtures that we put in inside the bedroom can in fact sway our state of mind. It is quite obvious that, a person enjoys his/her own time and space relaxing […]

Modern Bedroom Designer Furniture

Bed room is one of the important place in the house and its decoration desires a lot of attention because it gives you rest from your all day work.  While selecting the furniture of bedroom, there are certain things to be considered. One of the main thing is that before giving the finishing to your […]

Living Room Interior Flooring

With single changes in the house, it lightens up the space refreshingly. Hundreds of prize worthy living rooms have graced the pages of interior decoration magazines. Wouldn’t you wish your drawing room or living room as it sometimes called should get that star rated impression? How, the answer is simple and affordable. Of course, we […]

Living room Feng Shui ideas

Feng Shui is a practical art that is carried out since many generations and, seems that today’s urban crowd is fascinated of this scientific art. No matter how small your home is, there are several convenient ways to improve the Feng Shui of the place, and that to without spending a lot of money.  Speaking […]

Kitchen Feng Shui Design Tips

When you are seriously giving thought about having a home in terms of using principles of Feng Shui, the kitchen is one of the most significant areas to consider. According to Feng Shui this key room represents prosperity and nourishment. Since; Feng Shui is believed to be influencing conditions, how you decorate and design your […]